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About Hybla Valley Farms

Hybla Valley Farms is a suburban neighborhood in Fairfax County south of the city of Alexandria, Va.  It is located just off U.S. 1 about halfway between Alexandria and Fort Belvoir, Va.  It was subdivided in the 1930s and today is a thriving, stable community of about 120 homes. 
The subdivision is bounded by Sherwood Hall Lane to the south and includes property from the south side of Sherwood Hall Lane to and including both sides of Woodlawn Trail to the north.  While the Hybla Valley Farms Civic Association boundaries occasionally have shifted over the years to exclude or include Woodlawn Trail, Delafield Place and Brentwood Place, homes with these addresses are part of the original subdivision.  The civic association has always included three core subdivision streets: Frances Drive, Schelhorn Road and Boswell Avenue.

Hybla Valley Farms At a Glance

Zip: 22306

Longitude = -77.0804, Latitude = 38.7498

Aerial View from Microsoft TerraServer

Hybla Valley (general area) Demographics

Map of Hybla Valley Census Designated Place FIPS 39304 -- excerpt from the Census Bureau's Virginia Census Tract Map (the latter is a large pdf, slow to load)

Block-Level Detail Map -- from U.S. Census Bureau